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Photo: Cafe-theme park for cat lovers in Tokyo

February 1, 2018 in the entertainment area “Little Village” in Tokyo, officially opened a cafe for cat lovers Cat Cafe Temari no Oshiro. In the institution, which resembles a fairytale castle, contains about 20 pets of different breeds.

The rules of the unusual kotokafe in Tokyo are strict, but resemble the closest analogues in Russia and other countries: cats can not be fed and watered, and they can also bring used toys to them. Pets are forbidden to squeeze in their arms, but some, especially friendly to people, can be taken to their knees. Customers are asked not to take pictures with flash. Allowed to enter only for children over 10 years.

The publication Kotaku, which drew attention to the cafe, noted: this is the second such institution in the area. “But you just look, it’s magical!”, Noted the journalists.

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