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Media criticized Tim Cook for the statement about the uselessness of personal computers

November 10, the head of Apple in a conversation with journalists of the newspaper The Telegraph doubted that desktop computers and laptops are still in demand.

Why should you buy a PC now? No, really, why? […]

iPad Pro is a replacement for a laptop and a desktop computer for so many people. They will use it and come to the conclusion that they do not need anything else besides the phone.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

This announcement was timed to the launch of sales of the iPad Pro – 12.9-inch tablet, which, according to Apple employees, is equally suitable for both consumption of content and for its production. The device is available for purchase from November 11 in several countries, including Russia.

As The Next Web notes , Tim Cook has clearly overdone with categorical statements. Trying to advertise his new product, he questioned the need for MacBook and iMac, which the company still produces and sells.

According to the edition editor, a powerful iPad Pro can really replace many PCs, but he certainly will not be able to “kill” them.

It seems to me wrong to talk about the needs and preferences of users so dramatically. We all work and play differently, and I’m not sure that one single form factor will be the best for everyone.

Of course, I spend a lot of time with the smartphone and tablet, but if I need to do something and I’m near the computer, I immediately sit down for him.

Despite the fact that mobile devices allow us to work with applications that are on PC, they still can not compete with computers in terms of convenience and flexibility.

Abhimanyu Goshal, editor of The Next Web

According to Goshal, desktop computers and laptops will not disappear for a long time, but Tim Cook is right that their time as default devices gradually goes away.

Quite in the words of Cook and CNET editor Chris Matyschik (Chris Matyszczyk). The journalist was embarrassed that the head of Apple “is trying to dissuade him from buying a new MacBook Air.”

Air is beautiful, because it’s light and because it includes everything you need. I do not need to think about anything other than about him and his worn out charging cable.

With the iPad Pro, I need to get the keyboard. It takes effort, you know? And there’s a stylus. Where will I go when I do not use it?

Chris Matischik, editor of CNET

According to Matischik, he likes to type texts in various strange poses, whereas c iPad Ad can work only at one angle, determined by the stand.

The journalist also drew attention to the discrepancies in the words of Apple employees. In an interview for CNN, Eddie Cue, senior vice president of the company, said that he basically uses his iPad Pro to consume content, not to create it, while Cook was inclined to a different point of view.

This is my confusion. I do not want to think about a bunch of different elements when I travel and work. I do not want to think about gadgets at all. I want to have one little thing with me that I can open and start typing right away.

It may sound too old-fashioned, but in fact it’s about simplicity. I always thought that Apple is simplicity.

Chris Matischik, editor of CNET

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