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In Russia, the mining of crypto-currencies was associated with the risk of fires

Russian experts believe that the mining of crypto-currencies negatively affects the energy system, which is not designed for increased loads. “The probability of accidents on power networks is increasing due to the increase in the load on them in the process of mining (method of obtaining) crypto-currency,” the report says.

The increased workload, experts concluded, creates as a result the risks of fires, reports RIA Novosti.

Currently, the bitcoin rate is about $ 8,500 per unit. Some time ago, the popular crypto currency experienced a decline to a level of about $ 6.6 thousand, but then played a fall. Bitcoin Cash is traded at $ 1.07 thousand for a “coin”.

Now the European Parliament is considering the possibility of a more serious regulation of the crypto-currency market. In particular, we are talking about the introduction of user registration and their cryptotices and restricting transactions with anonymous accounts.

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