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In Minsk, one of the two existing IL-2 aircraft will be shown

In Minsk, a Soviet ground-attack aircraft from the Second World War Il-2 will arrive. This is one of the two active examples of IL-2 in the world. After the presentation of the reconstructed aircraft, the aircraft will leave for Berlin. There he will attend the ILA Berlin 2018 air show.

In the Belarusian capital, a military aircraft arrived for refueling, was told in the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports. Look at the combat vehicle will be on Sunday at the airport Minsk-1.

This specimen of IL-2 was taken from the lake 70 years after its fall: in 1943 the plane took a fight together with the young pilot Valentin Skopintsev and air gunner Vladimir Gumeny. Then, IL-2 destroyed three German Me-109s and suppressed the antiaircraft point. The Sturmovik was hit by a shell of an antiaircraft gun and fired at by an enemy fighter. The pilot together with the wounded shooter had to sit “on the belly” on the ice of the lake near the airfield. The device went to the bottom.

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