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Heinz will release sauce from ketchup and mayonnaise, but has not yet decided on the name

Photo @HeinzKetchup_US
Photo @HeinzKetchup_US

Heinz will still release sauce from ketchup and mayonnaise following the results of users voting on Twitter. April 16, the company launched a new survey, which invited users to come up with a name for the product.

The decision to release the sauce was confirmed and the marketing director of Heinz, Nicole Kulwicki (Nicole Kulwicki).

We know that people mix mayonnaise and ketchup for years and are very enthusiastic about its name. Therefore, we will ask the Americans to offer their options, so that our version of this magnificent duo got the name it deserves.

Nicole Calwicki
Marketing Director Heinz

Among the proposed options, users indicated “free sauce”, “secret sauce” and “sauce for everything.”

“Call it something else. Just call it a “sauce for everything”, which means that it will go to wherever you add it ”

“I think Tomayo will be fine. Tomato + mayonnaise. In any case, the name will still not be as classy as the taste ”
In Twitter, again reminded that such a sauce, consisting of ketchup and mayonnaise, has already been invented.

“I think you stole the idea of ​​Argentina and appropriated yourself. We use the sauce for a long time and call “Salsa Golf”. ”

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