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Greenpeace criticized the destroyer iPhone

The new robot Daisy, which Apple uses to recycle “iPhones”, did not like the leadership of Greenpeace. In the opinion of the organization, it is better for the Cupertians to focus on the longevity and maintainability of their products, rather than their recycling.

Daisy recycles two hundred iPhone’s per hour. The robot replaced Liam, which Apple used since 2016. The device parses damaged or worn out smartphones into parts: some are sent for recycling, others are installed on “refs” – gadgets, which, along with new components used used parts.

The reproaches of Greenpeace are rather strange: Apple always emphasizes that it is guided by high standards in terms of ecology. For example, now all the energy for the company is provided from renewable sources. This figure for Samsung Electronics is only 1%.

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