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Google Maps users turned Roskomnadzor into Roskomopozor and a psycho dispensary

On April 20, Russian users of the Google Maps service changed information about Roskomnadzor. The unknown in many cases changed the category of the institution and changed the opening hours so that the agency worked not in the afternoon, but from 22:00, the reader noticed . Changes have been made to manage departments throughout Russia.


The main building of Roskomnadzor on Kitaigorodsky proezd in Moscow turned into “Roskomposor” – as the agency is often called in social networks and in actions against restrictions on the Internet. In addition, users changed their opening hours in such a way that they closed Roskomnadzor “forever”.

Night bar for LGBT representatives

Instead of the standard category “state institution”, another description appeared.

Roskomnadzor became a “gay bar”, which opens late in the evening.

Psychiatric Dispensary

Another option from Google Maps users is the psychoneurological dispensary.

The main building of Roskomnadzor on Google Maps. Screenshot «Medusa»

Roskomnadzor began to block Telegram on April 16. He made millions of IP addresses of the largest hosting providers, like Google and Amazon, active in the unloading for providers, which led to problems and access restrictions formany sites and services that are not connected with Telegram and are not recognized as violating the law.

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