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“Football legend”: Arsene Wenger leaves the post of head coach of “Arsenal” after 22 years of work

Photos of ESPN
Photos of ESPN
On April 20, head coach of Arsenal FC Arsene Wenger announced that he would leave the post at the end of the season. “I am grateful that I had the honor to serve this club for long and memorable years. I coached the club with devotion and honesty, “he wrote in a farewell message.

Wenger has been training Arsenal since 1996. After the departure of Alex Ferguson from Manchester United, the Frenchman became the most “long-lived” coach in the English Premier League football, without leaving his post for 22 years. During this time, “Arsenal” won several titles, and the most famous achievement was the 2003/2004 season record – then the club did not lose a single match in the championship. While working in the coaching position, Wenger became a true symbol of the London club.

Achievements of Wenger in the “Arsenal”

1228 games

704 victories

3 Premier League titles

7 Cups of England

7 League Cups

1 season without defeats

For all the years in the “Arsenal” about Wenger came a lot of jokes and memes. One of the most famous – about the “eternity” of the French coach: football fans did not believe that he would ever leave the club. Also in 22 years, many theories about the connection of Arsenal with the number “4” appeared, because the team too often stopped a step from the medals in the tournaments.

In addition, in social networks often joked over the classic winter dress Wenger – too long jacket.

To the care of the coach, “Arsenal” has prepared a roller-tribute with the most striking moments of the team for the last 22 years.


The Frenchman’s departure immediately began to be discussed in social networks. Former football players, sports journalists and ordinary fans recalled the favorite moments connected with Wenger, and wished him good luck after Arsenal.

“Arsene Wenger built the best team I’ve ever played against in England. The team of the year 98 was amazing. The main compliment: they played in such football, which made us change in terms of how we played against them. Now he deserves the most incredible messages from all of us in the coming weeks ”

“Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal at the end of the season. He gave the club most of his life. He brought success to the club. He gave a lot to football in our country. Thank you and good luck, Monsieur Wenger ”

“It had to be done, but it would be sad not to see Arsen Wenger on the bench of Arsenal. He helped change English football. The Legend of the Game »

“Arsene Wenger is the man who gave us two” doubles “[two titles in one season], invincibility, a victory in the championship, [footballers] Thierry Henry, Patrick Vierre, Robert Pires. This is a 100% correct decision for him and Arsenal, but his departure still makes you feel numb. Thank you, Arsen. ”

“22 years, 10 large trophies and more than 800 games. In an era of social networks, where criticism and ridicule sypyatsya, like sweets, Wenger held, like a real legend, “Arsenal.” We will never see a situation where one person leads the club for more than two decades ”

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