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Belarusians in Poland threw garbage on the roadside. The local brought him back to the car

YouTube channel Polish “StopHama” published a video, shot on the video recorder of a truck in a traffic jam on one of the roads. The record shows how three packages with garbage fly out of the window of a minibus with Belarusian registration numbers (the 4th region – the Grodno region of Belarus).

After that, the driver leaves the truck and throws the waste back into the minivan, and another Pole on the camera fixes the numbers of the offender. One of the minibus passengers has nothing left to do but pick up the remaining garbage from the curb.

In Poland, a fine of 50 to 200 zlotys (from 900 to 3600 Russian rubles) is levied for throwing garbage out of the car. A similar situation exists in Belarus: – this is an administrative violation, it is liable for a fine in the amount of 24 to 49 rubles (from 700 to 1,400 Russian rubles).

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