Apple can return to Samsung because of OLED displays for the new iPhone

According to The Wall Street Journal, LG Display can not cope with the supply of OLED displays for the new Apple smartphone. LG was supposed to replace Samsung as a supplier of screens for mobile phones. However, “sources familiar with the situation” report that LG is experiencing certain difficulties with the production process.

It is assumed that the top model of the new iPhone will account for 20% of the total volume of Apple’s smartphones. In the American corporation, it was felt that LG could provide the required number of flexible OLED panels for it. But supposedly the problems are due to the lack of equipment for the production of small displays. A competitor – Samsung – there is no such problem (it was preparing for orders from Apple).

If the situation develops in favor of Samsung, future iPhone buyers may suffer from this: the Korean giant will be able to dictate prices with little competition from LG.

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