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Aman Tuleyev, 10 days after he was elected Speaker of the Parliament, announced his resignation from politics

Aman Tuleyev during an interview with TVM, published on April 20

Speaker of the parliament of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev, who left the post of governor after the fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”, said in an interview with “TVMaria” that he intends to leave politics in the fall of 2018.

I’m tired of this policy, from this dirt, from this lie. God knows, I honestly serve both the country and the Kuzbass, frankly, it’s already sickening of all this. I see all this lawlessness that is going on, all these deceptions. That’s enough.

Aman Tuleev
former governor of the Kemerovo region

Tuleyev promised not to participate in the new elections to the parliament of Kuzbass, which will be held in September. He explained that the nature of the “practitioner, business executive and realist”, and he will not be a deputy: “It’s not mine.”

And deputies are special people. You need to have patience: endless these laws, point “A”, point “Zyu”.

And they are docks, well done, because you can not live without laws. But your soul must lie to it. And I’m an industrialist, what will you do with it?

Aman Tuleev
former governor of the Kemerovo region

Tuleyev announced his resignation from the post of governor on April 1, almost a week after the fire in Kemerovo. Soon he received the mandate of a deputy who vacated his place for him. On April 10, the Council of People’s Deputies of the Kemerovo Region elected Tuleyev as Speaker of the Parliament.

According to the updated data of the Investigative Committee, in the fire in the “Winter Cherry” 60 people were killed. The investigation of the criminal case has not yet been completed.

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