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The Indian minister attributed the invention of satellite communications and the Internet to ancient Indians

The Prime Minister of the northeastern Indian state of Tripura, Biplub Deb, said the other day that ancient Indians had already enjoyed the benefits of the Internet and satellite communications thousands of years ago. This thesis, he supported the ancient Indian epos “Mahabharata”: one of his characters told the king in detail about the battle that took place for many kilometers from them.

According to Mr. Deb, this proves the existence of a data transmission network. But not by wires, but through the air. Perhaps with the help of satellites.

Unfortunately, this is not the only high-ranking Indian official from the current Hindu nationalist government, who was seen in quite interesting views on historiography, writes the BBC . The current Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, once said that there was plastic surgery in ancient India. And the Deputy Minister of Education claimed that the aircraft were first mentioned in the ancient epic “Ramayana”.

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