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Russia insists that the Himataka in Syria is a production. To prove this, the media found “the boy of Hasan”

Similar to Hassan Diaby is a boy in the Duma hospital. A shot from a video of human rights activists
Similar to Hassan Diaby is a boy in the Duma hospital. A shot from a video of human rights activists

Russia and Syria deny that on 7 April a chemical attack occurred in the Syrian city of the Duma. The data on this incident caused missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France on Syria.

On April 18, “Russia 1” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published an interview with 11-year-old boy Hasan Diab, who allegedly proves that a chemical attack is a production. The researchers of the situation in Syria did not agree with the conclusions of Russian publications.

The US is confident in the fact of the chemotherapy and accuses Russia of disrupting the investigation

According to human rights activists from the Center for Documentation of Violations of International Law in Syria, on April 7 the city of the Duma was subjected to two attacks in different places with the use of a toxic chemical. The research group Bellingcat on open sources reconstructed the details of that day. According to this information, the doctors found the symptoms of nerve injury in the victims. The exact number of victims is unknown , but the White Helmets talked about 43 dead, the World Health Organization reported 70 dead and 500 injured. By that time, the Duma remained the last city in the Eastern Guta region, which was under the control of the rebels.

The United States, Britain and France, referring to open sources and their own intelligence, confirmed the fact of a chemical attack. Countries demanded that Syria declare chemical weapons, and Russia was accused of not keeping its promise and not controlling this process. Reports of the Khimatak have caused missile strikes on Syria .

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons suspected Russia of plans to disrupt the investigation of the alleged hematoca . “We understand that the Russians could visit the site of the attack. We are concerned that they could cheat there, ” said the US representative to the OPCW.

Russia is confident in the “fabrication” of the chemistry and video of the consequences

The Syrian government claims that it has never used chemical weapons. However, since the outbreak of the civil war, several cases of poisonous substances have been reported in the country , for example, in March and August 2013, as well as in April 2017.

The Russian authorities, supporting the regime of Bashar Assad, from the very beginning call the reports on the Himakak fake and staging. The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry alluded to the fact that Russian military experts visited the Duma and found no trace of the use of chemical weapons. Vladimir Putin even before the attack said about “irrefutable evidence of training provocations by militants”.

Russian federal channels and media close to the Kremlin are accused of military provocations by human rights defenders, mostly volunteers from the organization of the Syrian Civil Defense ” White Helmets “.

  • The first channel called the clips of “White Helmets” “another concocted dirty fake”;
  • RIA Novosti and Sputnik found the White Helmets “trolls”;
  • NTV claimed that representatives of the White Helmets had been “fished on the production of fakes”;
  • “Star” is sure that “White Helmets” is an organization that “makes fake performances for Western media”.

The BBC noted that the “White Helmets” really reproach that they pay attention to the consequences of military operations only on the part of Assad and his allies. At the same time, the publication stressed that this is where the original meaning of the organization’s existence lies – in addition, it works only on territories beyond Asad’s control. The creator of the White Helmets is a former British military, they are funded by governments of different countries, the overwhelming majority of volunteers are Syrians. The Guardian called “White Helmets” victims of the “machine of online propaganda.”

The authorities and the media found several “participants in the shooting,” including the Syrian boy Hasan

On April 16, the representative of Russia at the OPCW, Alexander Shulgin, saidthat the special services of Great Britain and the United States are behind the “staging of a chemical attack” in the Duma. According to him, the Russian military conducted their investigation and allegedly found direct participants in filming the production video with rendering assistance to the victims – two doctors. The same was reported by the Ministry of Defense.

On April 18, ” Russia 1 ” and ” Komsomolskaya Pravda ” published an interview with 11-year-old Syrian boy Hasan Diab, who allegedly participated in production shots “for food” – dates, cookies and rice. According to Hassan’s story, on the day of the alleged hematocaq he was sitting with his mother in the bomb shelter. Then, according to this version, the White Helmets unexpectedly descended to the basement and called all the people to the hospital. The media noted that Hassan did not complain about the burns before, and based on this they concluded that the production video was shot.

We heard a shout in the street. They shouted: “Go to the hospital.” We ran to the hospital. As soon as I entered, I was seized and watered. And after that they put us on the bed next to other people.

Hasan Diab
quotation according to the translation of the reporter VGTRK Evgeniya Poddubnogo

Russian media usually do not refer to the original commercials, but copies of many of them, including those with a boy similar to Hasan , are in Facebook or a Twitter “White Helmets”. Carefully, the video with frames from the Duma is not for the faint-hearted .

Head of the research group Conflict Intelligence Team Ruslan Leviev doubtedthe conclusions of “Russia 24” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Here are his main theses:

  • “The gas flows and accumulates in such low spaces, like cellars. As the first victims of chemical weapons began to enter the hospital, naturally the rescuers told Hassan and his relatives to leave the basement urgently and flee to the hospital “;
  • “Signs of poisoning with chemical weapons may not immediately manifest. If they did not show up right now, it does not mean that the person did not suffer, that he was not in the zone of defeat. Moreover, it is harder to understand when a person is in a state of shock, in an extreme situation. Therefore, of course, rescuers apply preventive measures to all who could be in the zone of defeat “;
  • “How to calm a child who is in a state of extreme stress, the fear that was just in the bombing zone? It is logical that, for example, in addition to words, you can give some goodies – dates and cookies. “

The data of other eyewitnesses that contradict the information about the production are published : the “bombshell” bomb dropped, after which a white smoke appeared, and everyone in the bomb shelter “began to hurt their legs, problems with breathing and burning in the nasopharynx began.”

Most recently, federal media caught on a fake from Syria

April 9 in the program “Vesti” on the TV channel “Russia 1” showed a “photo shoot” of the volunteers to prove the version of the setting of the hematock. TV anchormen noted that the cadres entered their disposal, and accused the White Helmets of falsification.

On the same day, it turned out that these images were taken from the page of the feature film ” Revolution Man ” on Facebook. The filmmaker, Nadzhdat Anzur, is called the supporter of the regime of Bashar Assad.

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