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Russia continues to block everything. Report for April 19

In the registry, subnets of various hosting providers have started to be introduced, not just Google and Amazon. Somebody, stop them already at last!

It would seem that it is high time to stop, but apparently the RCN seriously decided to block all foreign Internet in Russia. According to data , today, on April 16, more than a million IP addresses were blocked. Most of the blocked IP belongs to large hosting companies, including Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, and even, Microsoft.

The list of blocked subnets for 19.04.2018 at 21:00 according to the telegram channel RKNSHOWTIME , which collects statistics of locks: –, Inc. – Amazon Technologies Inc. – Google LLC – DigitalOcean, LLC – Digital Ocean, Inc. – DigitalOcean, LLC – DigitalOcean Cloud – DigitalOcean, LLC – Amazon’s Technologies’ Inc. –, Inc. – Amazon Technologies Inc. – Amazon Data Services Japan – Amazon Data Services UK – Iliad Entreprises Customers – Microsoft Limited UK – Digital Ocean, Inc. – Virtual Machine Hosting – Hetzner Online GmbH – Dedicated Servers NL

If you can say about Amazon and DO that they are not so popular in Russia, the blocking of 65 thousand addresses of Hetzner is really a big nail in the coffin of the Russian Internet. According to StatOnline statistics , the German hosting company Hetzner is an extremely popular site for hosting websites from Russian webmasters, it is the 4th most popular in Russia and hosts more than 140,000 domains on its servers in the .RU zone alone.

While we are joking, Roskomnadzor is quite calm and silently blocking the entire Internet. To place your projects not in the Russian DC becomes less secure every day.

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