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“Personal buyer”: how a schoolboy built a business on the supply of clothes and sneakers to football stars

Clients of Sam Morgan. Collage Bleacher Report
Clients of Sam Morgan. Collage Bleacher Report

In the April 2018 edition of Bleacher Report details had told how an obsession with fashion swept the English Premier League football – one of the major sports tournaments in the world. Players spend a lot of money on rare clothes and shoes, cars and haircuts. In most cases, behind each of these niches are specific people who supply football players with everything necessary.

Journalists were surprised to find that Sam Morgan, a 17-year-old schoolboy from London, is supplying things and shoes to the championship players through the Instagram . Over the past year, more than 250 football players have made purchases from him, including stars like Mesut Ozil or Dele Alli, and some athletes have long been friends and consulted with him.

Staff Bleacher Report talked with a British, whose story is similar to another teenager: “godfather of sneakers” from the US, Benjamin Kapelushnik .

Business in bed

Sam Morgan is not like his peers involved in preparing for the final exams. While other teens earn extra money after school, pizza delivery and consultants in stores, Morgan communicates with elite British league players who want to find rare designer clothes.

“Some players spend 22,000 pounds (about two million rubles) at a time,” the schoolboy told the Bleacher Report journalist as if it were the most common thing in the world.

Morgan since the childhood was “the person of business”. At 11 years old, his friend brought sweets from the US and started selling at school. Sam took half of his inventory, was able to distribute the goods throughout the playground and demanded for this part of the profits. That day he earned 15 pounds.

At age 13, the teenager became interested in fashion. He bought and sold things online – then the main goal was to fill his own wardrobe. But Morgan wanted more. The main step in building his business he did in 2017, lying in bed, when he sent a personal message to Cohen Bramall.

Start off with a bang. One very satisfied customer !

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Sam Morgan and Cohen Bramall
At that time Bramall only moved to the London “Arsenal” of the seventh-strength division of the country. Four days after the message, they met: the schoolboy sold the player a pair of Yeezy sneakers from Kanye West. Soon another player from Arsenal, Chris Willock, approached Morgan. “Quite quickly I began to buy all the youth members”, – recalls the 17-year-old guy.

Any thing in a couple of days
The glory of Sam Morgan went to the Premier League. Football players from other teams began sending him photos of rappers and other celebrities, asking if he could get the same things. And a resident of London always found them – quickly and for a small fee. Morgan does not disclose his earnings.

In the league, Sam is called a “personal buyer”. Since the time when the teenager was looking for fashionable clothes for himself, he had many contacts with suppliers and other resellers. Brands Balenciaga, Gucci, Givenchy, Off-White, rare sneakers from Air Jordan and Adidas – all this Morgan buys on connections, spending money of the well-known sportsmen. Often these goods were either produced in limited lots, or seemed already sold out.

Like everyone else, players want the price to match the quality. A pair of shoes costs 1.2 thousand dollars in the store, and I can sell much cheaper because of discounts from their suppliers. I never try to fool football players: it’s important in building a good reputation.

Sam Morgan
At school, Morgan studies economics, psychology and mathematics in depth, but admits that teachers are increasingly disappointed in him: in the classroom, the teenager constantly sits in the smartphone and conducts transactions. “It’s difficult to ignore the messages from the players of the British championship. But sometimes you do not have to be distracted and study, “the Briton admits.

Sam Morgan and Arsenal footballer Reis Nelson
Footballers do send him hundreds of messages in Instagram and WhatsApp, asking about the available products. Because of this, Morgan thinks of hiring people and starting a full company. While he is all engaged in one. Morgan still does not even have the right – delivery to the house he carries out on Uber.

“Now the most popular shoes are the sneakers from Dior Homme. I got a pair of each size, and yet they are still not on sale, “says Morgan, holding in his hands shoes for a thousand pounds.

Bright future
Morgan leads an Instagram-account, where he is photographed with the main clients. The last photo is with the Belgian striker Misha Batshuayi. In January 2018, he moved from “Chelsea” to the German “Borussia”, but still continued to buy from a London teenager.

Other stars who contact 17-year-old Sam: Mesut Ozil (Arsenal and Germany), Delle Alli (Tottenham and England), Benjamin Mendy (Manchester City and France), Granit Jaca (Arsenal “And the national team of Switzerland), Marcos Alonso (” Chelsea “), as well as almost the entire youth team in England. All this – only for a year of work.

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Sam Morgan, Toshin Adarabiojo (left) and Benjamin Mendy (right)

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Dele Allie and Sam Morgan
At the request of the reporter Bleacher Report, Sam Morgan wrote to the Chelsea player and the England national team Ross Barkley, asking him why he was buying from a 17-year-old student. The football player replied: “If I like the thing, then I send it to Sam, and he brings it all in a few days. This is a very fast service. Now I have a large collection of running shoes. ”

In Britain, not to find a child who would be so strongly associated with football stars. Some players do not just order things from Morgan, but also consult with him, whatever things come up to them. And one of the players of “Arsenal” called him for dinner in honor of his birthday. “Friends from the school could not believe that I would succeed. These people [the players] do not easily let people into their lives, and it’s a great luck that they trust me, “Sam explains.

Morgan adds: “Last year changed my life. And I’m looking forward to what will happen next. “

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