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On the Internet, they discovered a “global object of hatred” – vegan croissants

The other day, Twitter posted a photo of vegan croissants, which include activated charcoal. This gives them an unusual black color, the taste qualities are supposedly not changed. The snapshot quickly gained popularity due to the ambiguous appearance of these rolls: some they resemble a burnt muffin, others – something worse.

On the website of the network, which offers its customers such croissants, they suspect that there is something wrong with the appearance of the confectionery product. Otherwise, the slogan would not appear: “We promise you: they are 100% tastier than they look”.

However, more and more often, Internet users compare unusual croissants with excrement (it’s about the appearance). With the filing of The Guardian, bagels became a “global object of hatred.” The publication also asks the question: why do you need to add coal to food?

It is possible that people simply like to eat something that does not look edible – there is a kind of sense of novelty. To someone coal gives additional flavoring impressions. The creators of black croissants claim that this food removes toxins from the body, in particular alcohol. Very controversial statement.

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