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MSU team won for the first time at the student’s world championship on programming

The team of Moscow State University "Red Panda". Frame from the broadcast of the ICPC Live channel
The team of Moscow State University “Red Panda”. Frame from the broadcast of the ICPC Live channel

The Red Panda team, representing MSU, won first place at the annual International Student Programming Olympiad (ACM ICPC). At the competitions in Beijing, students Mikhail Ipatov, Grigory Reznikov and Vladislav Makeev under the guidance of trainer coach Elena Andreeva decided 9 tasks and received 1427 points.

Another gold medalist was the team of the Moscow Physicotechnical Institute “Cryptozoology”, which took the second place in the team event. Students Alexander Golovanov, Alexander Ostanin and Nikita Uvarov, under the guidance of coach Mikhail Tikhomirov, solved 8 problems with a total cost of 960 points.

Two more gold medals were awarded to the University of Tokyo (Japan) and hosted the Olympics in 2018 by Peking University. The event was broadcasted on the official ICPC channel.

Silver winners were Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Qinhua University (China), University of New South Wales (Australia) and Seoul National University (South Korea).

The University of Vilnius (Latvia), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Central Florida (USA), the winner of the previous year and the seven-time champion ITMO University (Russia) and the Ural Federal University, added to the number of medalists in excess of the norm became the bronze medalists.

Representatives of the former favorite of the Olympics and its four-time winner of the St. Petersburg State University took 14, stopping a step from the bronze medal.

Other Russian universities – the Moscow Aviation Institute, the Research University Higher School of Economics, Novosibirsk State University, Perm State University, Saratov State University – jointly ranked 31st.

Students-programmers from Russia traditionally are favorites ICPC in the 21st century. Since 2000, Russians have won the first places 12 times, and their rivals from China and Poland – four and two times respectively. The record for the number of victories in the ICPC belongs to teams from the United States: 17 times.

The International Student Olympiad in Programming has been held annually since 1977 under the auspices of the International Association of Computers and Baylor University. Among the known finalists of the competition – the former Facebook technical director and Quora founder Adam D’Angelo (Adam D’Angelo), as well as the former VKontakte technical director and the creator of the Telegram encryption protocol, Nikolai Durov.

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