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Intel closed the project to create smart Vaunt points

In early February 2018, Intel demonstrated an interesting sample of smart Vaunt glasses. They differed in their classic appearance and were intended primarily for the output of information, not for its collection. It was assumed that the device is equipped with an analog laser projector, which will transmit data to the pupil of the user, and not to the built-in screen-prism.

However, Intel decided to close the project The Superlight – this is the code name for Vaunt points, despite all their apparent promise. The reasons may lie in reducing the staff of the development department of the New Devices Group (NDG) for 200 people. In addition, Vaunt did not find significant support from investors or partner companies. Apparently, Intel did not plan on direct production of glasses.

The Verge journalists, who rated Intel’s prototype smart glasses on themselves, consider the closure of Vaunt an insulting decision.

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