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In the UK they plan to ban plastic tubes and cotton buds from 2019

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In the UK, in 2019, the sale of plastic tubes and cotton buds, as well as other plastic products , may be banned . The solution is caused by the need to combat pollution of rivers and oceans. April 19, with such a statement at the meeting of the British Commonwealth Teresa May will speak.

If the ban is approved, manufacturers must come up with a paper or other alternative, and bars, supermarkets and cafes should stop using plastic products. On the development of new technologies, the UK government is ready to spend up to 86 million dollars.

Each year, about 8.5 billion plastic rods are thrown away, which is about 150 million tons of plastic in the ocean

The ban should be part of a 25-year program to protect the environment, created with the support of Sky Ocean Rescue. It was also part of the additional tax on the purchase of plastic bags, which led to a decrease in their consumption by 83%. Some institutions in the UK have already abandoned plastic straws in favor of paper.

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