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In the States they sell a squadron of Vintage T-28 “Troyan”

If you ever dreamed about your own air fleet, then such dreams can come true in the US. There auctioned allowed an entire squadron of aircraft T-28 “Trojan”. Unfortunately, just training. But with the military past: the aircraft of this type were used in the fight against partisans during the Vietnam War.

Since the 1950s, this type of aircraft has been used to train military pilots of the US Air Force, and much later – for training Laotian pilots and during military operations in Vietnam. On the aircraft provides for the installation of machine guns, missiles and small bombs.

The lot includes 34 aircraft in various technical condition, as well as spare parts from which it is possible to collect five full-fledged aircraft, engines, factory drawings, etc. Naturally, no weapons are included in the transaction. For the lot offer to pay $ 249,000.

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