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In the Russian list of Forbes hit a record number of women

April 19, the Russian version of Forbes published an annual rating of 200 richest businessmen in Russia. In 2018, there were twice as many women as in 2017 – and six times more than in the first rating from 2011.

But it’s still too early to rejoice in women: there are only six – or 3% of the total in this list. And one of them, Elena Rybolovleva, got rich as a result of a public divorce from her husband.

The newcomer of the list was Polina Deripaska, who is also suspected of divorce. In 2017, Polina received a share in the holding of her husband Oleg Deripaska En +, which costs an order of magnitude more than its media assets (ID Forward Media Group, Look At Media). Oleg Deripaska ranked 19th in the list with $ 6.7 billion.

Steadily included in the annual ratings is Elena Baturina. She has already owned the title of the country’s richest woman for eight years and continues to engage in real estate. Her husband, former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, is now a large farmer.

For the first time in the top 200 in 2018, Tatiana Bakalchuk entered the online store Wildberries. Her husband is also a businessman, but is not included in the Forbes list. Together with her husband, business is being developed by Natalia Fileva, who has a controlling stake in the S7 group of companies (aviation and cosmonautics).

Another baby billionaire Olga Belyavtseva is engaged in the production of baby food. Previously, she was engaged in juices. About his wife Belyavtseva little is known.

The world ranking Forbes in the top-200 includes 16 women.

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