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In Minsk, a free Wi-Fi network has been activated. Speed ​​while high

Since Thursday, April 19, in Minsk, a free Wi-Fi network has been activated, in which more than 100 public access points are united. It operates under the test name Free Wi-Fi Minsk and is organized by the company “Business Network”. The network can be used in many large shopping centers, dozens of cafes, at gas stations “A-100”, in a number of hospitals, hotels and bank branches.

To connect, you must enter your mobile number and receive a password to it. Subsequent authorizations on the network will automatically pass through the user. After connecting to the network you can use for free an unlimited amount of time. The network is planned to be developed further, in 2018, public Wi-Fi will appear at the stations of the Minsk metro “Oktyabrskaya” and “Kupalovskaya”.

The company does not intend to impose a restriction on the connection speed, although in most European cities this practice exists, they told in the Business Network.


We measured the speed at the nearest McDonald’s restaurant (Minsk fast-food chain is included in the coverage area of ​​free Wi-Fi Business Network). The connection algorithm is standard: the user selects from the available Free Wi-Fi Minsk, then it is necessary in the browser to enter the phone number from which you intend to go online. After in the form of SMS comes the access code (uneasy, to the word), which is indicated in the field in the browser.

Here’s what Speedtest showed in the peer-to-peer connection:

On “externally” the speed was up to 10 Mbit / s for downloading and slightly higher – for the return. When connected to a 4G cellular network, the speed reached no more than 10 Mbit / s.

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