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In Iceland, the burglar escaped from prison and flew to Sweden on an airplane with the Prime Minister

Sindri Thor Stefansson (Sindri Thor Stefansson), arrested for the largest robbery in the history of Iceland, escaped from prison and flew to Sweden. According to eyewitnesses, the robber left the country in one plane with the Prime Minister of Iceland. This was reported by the Associated Press agency.

According to the police, Steffanson escaped from prison through the window and headed to the international airport in Keflavik. At the airport, he did not have to show a passport, since Sweden and Iceland are in the Schengen area and EU citizens can move between them without an identity card.

One of the passengers of the plane, on which Steffanson allegedly flew, toldlocal newspapers that on the same flight was the Prime Minister of Iceland, Catherine Jacobsdouttir. She needed to fly to Stockholm for talks with the Prime Minister of India.

However, the police noted that the burglar used a foreign passport to buy a ticket. Therefore, the investigators believe that Steffanson had an accomplice who helped him escape. The police already questioned two people on suspicion of complicity with the escape.

The robber was kept in a rural prison with a reduced level of security. Prisoners were allowed to use telephones and the Internet, and the building was not even surrounded by fences.

Steffanson in Iceland was accused of organizing the largest robbery in the country’s history, during which 600 small-scale bitoin mining installations were stolen for a total of about two million dollars (about 122 million rubles). The stolen computers were never found, despite numerous arrests in February 2018.

According to one version, the devices were taken out of the country, since there are only 340 thousand people living there, and using such a large number of systems for mining the crypto currency would attract attention. In 2018, Iceland has become an attractive place for miners, because the use of hydroelectric power plants in the country is very cheap electricity. By February, according to the Associated Press, all several mining data centers consumed more electricity than all Icelandic homes.

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