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The Italian inherited 1.5 million euros in Italian lira, which for 6 years can not be used

100 thousand Italian lire. Photos Wikimedia

An Italian named Luigi received from his deceased grandfather several apartments, a portfolio of shares and accounts with large sums of money. However, the man recently found a safe deposit box in which 3 billion Italian lira were stored. This was reported by the local edition of Corriere Della Sera.

When Luigi turned with the money to the bank, he learned that they can not be exchanged. Italian lira finally emerged from the country’s turnover in 2012. Since then, this currency can not be paid anywhere, and also exchange it for some other. Citizens were given to exchange the remaining bills for ten years: the process of currency replacement for the euro began in 2002.

After failures in banks and exchangers, Luigi appealed to the Central Bank of Italy, but was also refused. Then the Italian hired lawyers and now wants to find a loophole in the legislation that will allow exchanging the money left for circulation for the euro. At the latest exchange rate, one euro was worth 1936 liras, so the money found could be exchanged for 1.5 million euros in 2012.

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