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The head of Roskomnadzor announced the possible blocking of Facebook until the end of 2018

Roskomnadzor by the end of 2018 will conduct a Facebook check and, if he does not comply with the requirements of Russian law, will begin blocking. This was reported by the head of the department Alexander Zharov.

According to Zharov, Facebook should transfer the user database in Russia and remove the prohibited information. He added that the company is “significantly late in terms of time”, and if none of this does, then a blockage will occur.

Constantly I hear: Zharov always gets away with Facebook, because there are some special relations there. There are no special relations, in our last meeting with his representatives in February we once again spoke our position.

Alexander Zharov
Head of Roskomnadzor

As the head of the regulator added, he hopes that his answer to the question in the interview “will become another coercion” for Facebook.

In September 2017, Zharov already warned Facebook about the consequences of non-compliance with the 242 federal law on the localization of personal data and threatened with blocking.

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