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The girl held her boyfriend for 9 months

Reportedly, the 22-year-old Jordan Worth always gave the impression of a talented and kind girl. In addition to her excellent studies, she was engaged in charity – helping animals and raising money for children in Africa. With a partner, they met in college in 2012, and were familiar with 16 years, all this time they were considered a couple. Problems began when they began to live together – a guy suffering from hydrocephalus, was in real captivity.

The partner was not allowed to do anything without her permission, he was forbidden to sleep on the bed and leave the house alone. She beat him with blunt objects, caused knife wounds, starved to death.

Neighbors sometimes saw this couple, as well as the guy himself, with bruises under his eyes, limping, with bandaged hands, but the alarm was scored only after 9 months. Worth was arrested, she was charged on several counts, she will spend 7 years in prison.

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