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The director “Away” showed the future of fake news on the example of Obama’s fake speech

The director of the film “Away” Jordan Peel released a video for BuzzFeed, in which he clearly demonstrated how fake news can begin to look in the near future.

In the video, Pyla Obama allegedly appeals to America and says that the villain Killmonger of the “Black Panther” was right, and Donald Trump “a complete moron.” At some point, the former president of the United States states that in fact “he did not say all this in public, but someone else could have said it.”

Then in the video appears Jordan Pil and explains that in our time it is worth to question information from the Internet and trust only proven news sources.

To create the video used a combination of classical and new technologies: a program for the motion design and creating graphics Adobe After Effects, and the neural network FakeApp, replacing the face. Peel’s voice was imitating himself.


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