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The British royal family put to sleep its last Corgi

Corgi Willow and “Dorgo” Volcano. Getty Images

Representatives of the ruling royal family in the UK, Windsor, reported the death of Willow, the last of the corges, raised by Elizabeth II. According to the Telegraph, the British queen did not want the 15-year-old dog to suffer further from the cancer he had.

Telegraph’s interlocutors noted that the decision to lull Willow was given to Elizabeth II “incredibly hard”, as in recent years the dog has become her “most loyal companion”. In addition, Willow was the last pure descendant of the very first royal corgi Susan, which was presented to the incumbent British monarch in 1944.

Edition The Guardian added that the queen had two more dogs – Vulcan and Candy. They belong to the breed “dorgy” – a mixture of corgi and dachshunds, resulting from the accidental mating of Elizabeth II’s dogs and the dogs of her sister Princess Margaret. The queen also had a foster cousi, Whisper, whom she had picked up after the death of the huntsman of her possessions in Sandrigem.

In 2015 Elizabeth II stopped cultivating corgi for the first time in nearly seventy years. In total, during her reign, the Queen of Great Britain has raised more than 30 dogs of popular breed. The official reason for this decision was the reluctance of 89-year-old Elizabeth II to leave the animals after their death.

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