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Roskomnadzor denied that it restricted access to Twitch, World of Warcraft and 18 other sites

Roskomnadzor checked whether it is possible to go to sites that restricted their access to the “hot line” for blocking Telegram. The agency noted that at 10:30 Moscow time at least 18 sites are in the public domain.

  • World of Warcraft;
  • Site of Evernote notes;
  • System delivery of alerts Pophorn;
  • Site for traffic analysis Similarweb;
  • Automobile site Veneporte;
  • Website with stock quotes ProFinance;
  • The management system for Microsoft platforms is NuGet (two sub-sites);
  • IT-company Artec Bpo;
  • Cloud service Restream;
  • Societet for scientists ResearchGate;
  • Microsoft Docs;
  • Bank Orange;
  • Twitch;
  • Japanese online store Mandarake;
  • A set of tools for creating applications Expo;
  • Logistic company “Cosmonauto”;
  • The site of the international SIM-card Drimsim.

When Roskomnadzor tried to block Telegram from April 16, there were many interruptions in the work of numerous sites that did not violate the law. This is due to the fact that the messenger decided to bypass the restrictions with the help of IP-addresses related to Amazon and Google, so it continued to work for many users without VPN and proxy services.

The human rights organization “Agora”, which defended the interests of Telegram in court, launched a support service for the owners of the affected sites. During the first day of work, 57 applications from representatives of commercial projects were received .

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