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Roskomnadzor blocked more than 100 thousand IP-addresses of the hosting provider Digital Ocean

According to a copy of the registry unloading on GitHub, sent to operators for interlocks, on the evening of April 18, Roskomnadzor instructed providers to block access to two and subnets, each containing 65,536 IP addresses.

Lookup services indicate that these subnets (and, correspondingly, all IP addresses) belong to the Digital Ocean provider. Representatives of the company responded on Twitter that they “are aware of the situation and are following it.”

We are aware of the situation and follow it. Unfortunately, there are no direct actions that we can take as a provider, if the government decides to block our IP-addresses for its citizens.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an extremely popular hosting provider for small projects. According to the company Netcraft, engaged in the analysis of the web hosting industry, it is the third most popular provider in the world. According to the StatOnline service, Digital Ocean servers host more than 23 thousand domains in the .ru domain zone alone.

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