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Photo: “The Rolling-Field Attack” in the Californian city

Photos by @nancylisa
Photos by @nancylisa

The small town of Victorville in California was literally littered with a rolling-field brought by strong winds from the desert.

You sometimes can meet a rolling-field, flying along the street, but this has never happened. It has never been so bad.

Tanya Speight

A spokeswoman for the city administration told reporters that the main task of the authorities is to clear the entrances to the houses in order to minimize inconveniences for the townspeople.


Residents of Victorville are divided in social networks with their stories: for example, one of them could not go out for two hours out of the street because his doors were covered with dry plants.

Victorville, CA – glad I’m not selling homes there today, they got buried in tumbleweeds

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The joys of living in the high desert!! #tumbleweeds #somewhereinvictorville #ca

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When tumbleweeds attack!

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