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Japan will help China to carry out a “toilet revolution”

Japan offered the People’s Republic of China technical assistance in solving the problem of public toilets, which the Chinese authorities declared urgent

Japanese toilets are a miracle of modern household appliances.

According to the BBC, the Japanese Embassy in Beijing is negotiating with Chinese representatives on the issue of participation in the Chinese “toilet revolution”.

Sino-Japanese cooperation in this sphere is developing against the background of a common desire to improve relations between the two countries, which in the past have been complicated by territorial disputes more than once.

Japan has repeatedly applied similar initiatives of “toilet diplomacy” in India and countries of southeast Asia.

The Ministry of Tourism of the People’s Republic of China announced that until 2020, no less than 64 thousand public toilets will be built and improved. In February this year, Xinhua News Agency reported that the Chinese “toilet revolution” is proceeding according to plan.

But there was corruption. For example, in the city of Chongqing in the west of the country a public toilet was built, which cost 1 million yuan.

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