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Inventive smugglers (18 pics)

The ingenuity of smugglers knows no bounds, but these guys were less fortunate than others, and therefore the consequences of their unsuccessful attempt at smuggling we can observe in these photos.

Cigarettes in a ball

Exotic frogs in a case of a kinder-surprise.

Making a dove.

Heroin in beetles.

Illegal migrant.

3 kg of cocaine in statues-seals.

Exotic snake in a flower pot.

Gecko in the book.

Cigarettes in a hollow log.

Drugs on the cat.

The illegal.

The smuggling of calves in an underground tunnel in Turkey.

Rare fish in pants.

The guy quietly carried 7 kg of hashish on the donkey.

Turtles in a suitcase.


Pistol in a soft toy.

Money in confectionery.

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