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In the Moscow Metro began to test the system of face recognition

The Moscow authorities have launched testing of the face recognition system at several metro stations close to the locations of the World T-shirt. As Kommersant writes , according to representatives of the underground, equipment was installed in March and it cost about 30 million rubles.

On which particular stations the system was installed – it is not known, but these are places with a large number of passengers.

The system recognizes up to 20 people per second from photographs from the federal search. If she finds the right person, she tells the police, where the staff again check the pictures, and then go to the documents verification.

Representatives of the metro talk about the “significant” number of criminals already identified, but do not call specific figures. After the test period, they will decide on the final configuration of the project. According to the technical director of the developer of Vocord face recognition systems, several companies are participating in the tender, which are not the first time to test systems.

Moscow authorities have already tested face detection in September 2017 – then they managed to arrest six suspects. Also, similar cameras worked on the capital’s holiday on June 12, including an anti-corruption rally.

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