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In Samara, along with the ice from the shore, the restaurant “The Old Wharf”

In Samara, two landing stages left with ice on a free voyage along the Volga. They broke away from the shore and sailed downstream.

In one of them there was a restaurant – and at the time of undocking there were a lot of people. To the shore of participants of the unplanned swim it was possible to tow only by means of steam-ships. No one was injured during the accident.

On the Volga embankment gathered Samarans, who are watching the journey of the “old pier” along the river. Witnesses publish videos and photos from the scene in social networks.

In the press service of CSKA Samara told that the possible cause of the drift of the two landing stages was the ice, which was coming downstream, came across an ice jam formed by the landing stage of OOO Ekovolga. Because of this, the ship’s fastenings could not stand, and the landing stage moved downstream.

At the same time, the prosecutor’s office had already tried to remove the eco-log deck. The supervisory authority in 2017 found out that the company does not have contracts to moor the vessel in the vicinity of the CSK Air Force basin. “Eco-Volga” was brought to administrative responsibility in October 2017-th year. The leadership had to eliminate all violations, but nothing was done. Then the court ordered to remove the landing stage – it happened on 25 January.

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