Experts have found the probable cause of the rupture of the Boeing 737 engine

Last night, a left engine exploded in front of a Boeing 737 American carrier Southwest Airlines. Less than a day later, experts found the alleged cause of the incident.

Flight 1380 followed from New York to Dallas, but breaking the engine on the twentieth minute of the flight forced the crew to land in Philadelphia. As a result of the incident, one passenger was killed and several injured.

Experts of the National Council for Transport Security (NTSB) found that one of the 24 titanium plates of Flight 1380 had burst. With a high probability, this indicates a metal fatigue.

The injured Boeing 737-700 was operated by Southwest Airlines since July 2000. It uses the CFM56-7B engine, which is called one of the most popular models in passenger liners.

According to the Seattle Times resource, this is the first passenger death on board the US airline in nine years.

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