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Engineer NASA: “The first person on Mars should be a woman”

Senior Engineer NASA Ellison McIntyre said that the first person on Mars should be a woman. In her opinion, in this way justice will be restored: after all, all the twelve astronauts who walked the moon were men.

McIntyre has been with NASA for about thirty years. According to her observations, in recent years there has been progress in gender equality: among the superiors of the engineer there are women. Moreover, NASA, like the Soviet Union, sent women into space. But McIntyre laments that they were not on the moon. The department will be able to make amends, if the first woman on Mars.

At the same time NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg (flying in space on the Discovery shuttle in 2008 and on the Soyuz TMA-09M spacecraft in 2013) is confident that the woman will be on the moon again – everything is not going as fast as she would like would.

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