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Bloomberg: Putin instructs officials to reduce “anti-American rhetoric”

According to Bloomberg sources, Vladimir Putin wants to “reduce tension” in relations with the US, so he instructed the officials to reduce anti-American rhetoric. Interlocutors close to the situation argue that the Russian president wants to “give another chance” to Donald Trump and to establish relations amid the conflict over Syria.

As an indirect proof, Bloomberg leads the transfer of the bill on anti-American sanctions, which was made on April 13, but will only be discussed on May 15. “Putin is ready to make numerous concessions, but he should look like he does not lose,” said Igor Bunin, president of the Center for Political Technologies.

As suggested by the publication, the Russian president does not want to compete with the US economically. He also does not intend to allow another important company for the country to suffer because of the latest sanctions, as happened with Oleg Deripaska’s Rusal.

Sources Bloomberg added that the Russian authorities hope for Trump, who will improve the relations between the countries. Recently, sources in the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the US does not intend to impose new anti-Russian sanctions. Also in March, the American president discussed a possible meeting with Putin.

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