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“VKontakte” added a gift with the symbol of “Digital revolution” Durova

Gift-symbol of the "Digital Revolution"
Gift-symbol of the “Digital Revolution”
In “VKontakte” in the category “Actual” there was a free gift with the symbol of “Digital revolution” – the dog, which Pavel Durov drew. You can give only three of them. The author of the sketch for the gift was the general director of the social network Andrey Rogozov, who published it on his page.

Rogozov signed the hashtag # telegramming drawing , supporting the messenger in confrontation with Roskomnadzor. Prior to this, VKontakte promised free advertising to all major Telegram channels after being blocked in Russia.

The symbol of “Digital Resistance” appeared on April 17, Durov drew it on a piece of paper. Then he explained the meaning of the movement, and the drawing was distributed on the photojacks in social networks.

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