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The media and authors of the major Telegram channels complained about the fake channel clones in TamTam

In the messenger “TamTam”, which belongs to the Mail.Ru Group, there are many channels where the content of the major Telegram channels is completely or almost completely duplicated under their names. The majority of the owners of the Telegram channels interviewed by Vedomosti said they had nothing to do with the clones.

The channel organization function in “TamTam” is similar to Telegram, which began to be blocked in Russia on April 16. Before the court decided to limit access to the messenger Pavel Durov, TamTam launched an active advertising campaign . The representative of the messenger Mail.Ru Group said that in just two days, users created more than 40,000 channels, while there are more than 160,000 channels in the service. The number of users is not disclosed.

About the fact that they did not start channels in Tam-Tam, they said:

  • “Nezigar”;
  • “Stalingulag”;
  • “Case from the cello”;
  • “Methodology”;
  • “Boiler room”;
  • “Varlamov News”;
  • Mash;
  • “Guard”;

The head of the news department Filip Kireev admitted that the representatives of “TamTama” went out to communicate with them and promised that they were ready to remove the fake channel when they “register with them”. However, did not do this.

One of the channels is Mash fake, and the other is indeed the authors of the Telegram channel, because at the time of active growth, “they tried to maximally occupy all existing sites.”

Also in “TamTame” there were media channels, which are not marked with a blue dash of verification. Some publications and television channels like RIA Novosti, TASS and NTV have two accounts – one was created in the summer of 2017, one recently.

What media have complained about the channel-clone in “TamTame”:

  • “Vedomosti”;
  • “Snob”;
  • RBC;
  • “Jellyfish”.
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