The first in the history of a flip forward on the monster-track

The driver himself did not expect that he would perform this complicated (though seemingly) trick.

March 25, 2017 in Las Vegas was the final of the Monster Jam freestyle competition on monster tracks – modified pickups on huge wheels. Athlete Lee O’Donnell, nicknamed Mad Scientist, managed to perform the trick in the last seconds of his arrival, which no one had ever done before – a flip forward.

Overall, O’Donnell’s arrival was not very impressive, except for a back somersault from the wall 20 seconds before it was completed. However, after that the rider jumped out of the ramp and drove on the rear wheels (a trick called wheely), then hit the next ramp at a speed, so his car did not make a normal back flip, but a flip forward.

Full qualitative video arrivals Monster Jam were published only in April 2018. On custom videos that appeared right after the competition, you can hear how the crowd roared, when O’Donnell succeeded in a rare trick just seconds before the completion of the race.

In an interview with Fox Sports, O’Donnell told me that he was going to do this trick another two weeks before the final, but during the race he did not think at all that he would succeed: “I thought that we would get something like slap-wheely (getting up on rear wheels from a front impact on the ground – note ) , then to the front bumper and back to the wheels. We thought that everything would turn out just like that, and then, obviously, they got too fast, so it turned out even better. ”

According to The Guardian , O’Donnell became the first driver in the history of a monster-track, who managed to successfully complete the front somersault. In 2015, a similar trick was tried by the Max-D racer (Neil Elliot): even though he turned in the forward roll, but first the car landed on the roof, and not on both pairs of wheels – for getting into the Guinness book of records, he did not have touching the ground with the front ones wheels.

Mad Scientist won the freestyle championship Monster Jam 2017, gaining 9.355 points. Max-D has the second result – 9,316.

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