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Roskomnadzor warned owners of proxy servers and VPN about forthcoming blocking for extremism

Roskomnadzor sent notifications of forthcoming blockades “for extremism and calls for mass riots” to owners of proxy servers and VPN. This was reported in their Telegram channels by the FBC consultant Vladislav Zdolnikov and the head of the “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

Zdolnikov said that he received a letter about blocking one of the VPN-nodes at (some large providers already block the address). The letter says that the hosting provider should inform the owner of the resource about the forthcoming blocking within 24 hours and also notify him about the “need to immediately remove” illegal information.

The head of the “Agora” Pavel Chikov also reported on Roskomnadzor’s notifications, but did not specify which services they had touched.

Roskomnadzor sends out notices of upcoming blocking to proxy server owners. And the grounds use – calls for mass riots and extremist activity. Thus, it draws on the framework decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office. The service went to work.

from the Telegram channel of Pavel Chikov

Alexander Litreev, who on the eve of blocking launched one of the largest proxy servers @ VeeSecurity for Telegram users, also received a letter from Roskomnadzor. The full text he published in Pastebin. Litreyev noted that the proxy “by itself, continues to work”, and the letter Roskomnadzor can “put one’s cheek on his cheek.”

Screenshot from the Telegram-channel Vladislav Zdolnikov

On April 16, Roskomnadzor blocked nearly 2 million IP-addresses related to Amazon and Google, as Telegram began using them to bypass the lock.

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