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Rogozin on the plans to use the development of Elona Musk

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the space industry, gave an interview to the RBC television channel, in which he told about plans to “use” some of the technical solutions of Elon Musk. He did not say what exactly the head of SpaseX could appear in Russia.

In general, I believe that [Musk] must be treated very seriously, it must also be taken very seriously. Some of his technical solutions, for example, I carefully analyzed with our specialists and I can say that we are ashamed, but we will use something.

Dmitry Rogozin
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Also Rogozin called Musk “a talented engineer and a brilliant PR”. At the same time, the deputy prime minister noted that the PR undermines the authority of the American entrepreneur as a good engineer, because he “starts to swallow.”

Earlier, Rogozin already called Ilona Musk “a great young man and clever”. In 2016, he said that the current pace of development of the space industry in Russia will never allow us to catch up with the United States. Later he added that he had in mind the productivity of labor, and not the state of the industry as a whole.

On April 13, the State Duma was told about a bill prepared in response to US sanctions. Among its items is the opportunity to produce goods from the US and other countries without the permission of the rightholders.

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