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Priests began to conduct exorcism rituals over the phone due to increased demand

During a speech at a conference in the Vatican, cardinal of the church Ernest Simoni said that he and some other priests began to expel the demons by phone. The minister thanked Jesus for this opportunity. This is reported by The Telegraph.

According to Simonyi, who has been engaged in exorcism for a long time , he usually conducts a rite on the phone: he is called and he is reading the obsessed special prayers in Latin.

Some of the priests at the event took this statement by surprise: they said that remote exorcism is hardly a wise decision. According to them, usually obsessed people need physical restraint so that they do not injure themselves during the procedure, and it is not possible to control their behavior remotely. Priests noted that people in this state have inhuman power, speak different languages, and their voice changes the timbre.

Usually priests read prayers on the phone to reassure people, but if you are not with them, then you can not control the physical aspects of [exorcism]. Some exorcists say that this is effective. I can not say whether this is orthodox or correct.

Giuseppe Ferrari
professor, expert on demonic sects

Despite denials from the agnostics and atheists, in the Catholic Church, obsessions are taken with utmost seriousness. Priests argue that over the past decade, the demand for exorcism has tripled in Italy alone. According to them, this is partly to blame for the Internet, which made Satanism so accessible, as well as films and serials that generate interest.

A conference in Rome with 250 priests, theologians, psychologists and criminologists from 51 countries is devoted to exorcism and demons. It will be the 13th in a row, and the number of participants is growing every year.

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