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Murder or suicide? (picture)

We offer to solve one of the tasks of forensic science. Carefully inspect the scene and try to answer the question, what happened here, murder or suicide?

If you carefully examine the picture, you can find a lot of evidence that will make it possible to draw a conclusion. To see the text next, you need to select it with the mouse. 1. A broken clock is a sign that there was a fight in the room. 2. Two glasses on the table indicate that there was someone else here. 3. There is a book and a pen on the bed, it says that the deceased was reading and recording something, in turn the suicide note on the table was written by another pen, which, most likely, was planted. 4. The presence of crutches may indicate that the victim is disabled, but the crutches are far from the place of hanging. Conclusion: Murder.

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