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Media: British Amazon employees do not go to the toilet at work because of fear of being fired

Workers at Amazon warehouses in England do not go to the toilet during the working day, because they are afraid of losing their jobs. They have to meet the need in other ways, so as not to spend much time on the trip to the restroom. This is reported by The Sun with reference to the writer and author of the investigation of Jared Bloodworth (Jared Bloodworth).

Bloodworth claims that he worked undercover for six months while writing a new book about low-wage work in England. According to Bludworth, employees in Amazon warehouses in the UK have to “write in a bottle” so that they are not fired.

For those who worked on the highest floor, the closest toilet was four flights of stairs down. People had to write in bottles because they lived in fear of reprimanding “idle time” and lost their jobs, only because they needed to go to the restroom.

Jared Bloodworth

According to Bludworth, on the day workers are overcome up to 16 kilometers per day on foot with minimal interruptions. The shifts last for 10 hours a day, and to reach the toilet it took 10 minutes. The Amazon said they deny all charges.

Workers in Amazon warehouses have to spend a lot of time and overcome long distances while working with sorting orders. Previously, the media reported that employees are at risk of being laid off because of punitive tracking systems that take into account how long the order is being prepared.

In April 2018, Business Insider conducted a sample survey of Amazon employees and found out that they feel overwhelmed.

In fact, the target is 100 units [orders] per hour, which means that we have to collect 100 orders in 60 minutes from anywhere on the same floor of the sorting center. These are ordinary days in which the peak can reach 120-140 orders per hour, which is on the verge of possible.

of study Business Insider
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