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In France, they developed their own safe messenger to wean the president from Telegram

The French government began testing its own messenger with encryption, which will store all the data of officials inside the country. The authorities are concerned that the information from chat rooms can get “in the wrong hands” if the data is encrypted in Russia or the US. This is reported by Reuters.

So far, only 20 representatives of the French government are participating in the testing, but in the summer the messenger is going to introduce for all officials without fail .

The desire to develop their own messenger could appear with the French special services against the backdrop of the love of President Emmanuel Macron to Telegram. According to Bloomberg, Makron, his close circle and some other officials use chat rooms in Telegram to discuss the work.

The source of the publication noted that the government considers encryption of the messenger persistent and does not discuss secret or strategic information in the chat rooms. Nevertheless, the security services were concerned about the security of the service, which is not under their supervision.

Roskomnadzor began blocking Telegram in Russia on April 16. The messenger tried to circumvent the restrictions by using the Amazon and Google subnets. This led to the fact that the agency blocked about two million addresses in just a few hours. Due to the blocking of Amazon’s IP addresses, there are already problems with using other services, for example, with voice calls to Viber.

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