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Floating barriers for collecting garbage in the ocean (7 photos)

23-year-old boy Boyan Slat is so concerned about the problem of pollution of the world’s oceans that he decided to give up all his strength to solve it. Even while studying at school, the guy came up with the idea of ​​creating special trash traps in the places of his greatest congestion. This is how the non-commercial project The Ocean Cleanup was created, in which more than $ 30 million has already been invested.

Trash traps are planned to be installed at five points, where the largest amount of plastic debris is concentrated.

In fact, these are barriers that collect drifting plastic. The barriers themselves will be anchored by anchors, which will be lowered to the 600-meter depth, where the current is less. They will be resistant to the storm and they can be deployed if necessary in one direction or another.

Floating barriers will stop the debris, after which it will be easy to collect special vessels.

Barriers will not include networks, so as not to interfere with the inhabitants of the ocean.

While the Ocean Cleanup company is testing only prototypes of such barriers up to 2 km long, however, working versions that will appear already this year will be much longer.

Experts believe that this project will reduce the amount of plastic debris in the ocean by 50% within 5 years.

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