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Fitness center in the US was evacuated because of a Wi-Fi network with a comic name “remote detonator”

The state of Michigan evacuated the fitness center Planet Fitness after the coach in the room was distracted from work and saw a Wi-Fi called the remote detonator. This is reported by the local newspaper Saginaw News.

The trainer called the police, who evacuated the room and combed it with the dogs. Employees did not find explosive devices: it looks like it was someone’s bad joke.

As noted by the Gizmodo edition, even if the joker who called the Wi-Fi network a “remote detonator” would wave the router before the police, it would hardly have been able to hold him accountable.

After the incident, the Chief of Police of the city of Saginaw (Saginaw) said that from the point of view of the police, everything is absolutely legal. There was no threat or crime, just like a call that there was a bomb in the room. The hall was opened a few hours after closing.

A similar incident occurred in December 2016, when on the eve of the holidays one of the passengers of Virgin America included the distribution of the Internet and called the access point Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Then the plane landed urgently, all landed and the flight was canceled. This happened in the background of the scandal with spontaneous combustion of this line of smartphones.

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