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Fans of Elon Musk saw an uncomfortable sofa in the office of a billionaire and raised money for him

On the left is the couch on which Musk sleeps. Frame from CBS This Morning

On April 13, the CBS This Morning show showed a frame with a sofa on which Elon Musk sleeps at the Tesla factory in Fremont. Because of production problems, he spends the night right at the plant to monitor the process of assembling machines. As the businessman and the billionaire himself admitted, the sofa is so uncomfortable that the last time he slept in the office on the floor.

Some users were confused that the Musk had to spend the night in such conditions, and they launched a campaign to raise funds for a new sofa to the head of Tesla.

Elon Musk is changing our world so that it works on renewable energy and uses sustainable forms of transport. Recently, he slept at a factory in Fremont to speed up the production of Model 3. This is the sofa on which he slept. As a community we can not leave it like this, let’s unite to buy Ilona a new sofa for sleeping.

from the description on the site GoFundMe

At the time of writing, more than 80 users donated about $ 1.1 thousand, although the company had a goal of one thousand dollars. The description of the project says that if Musk does not accept the donation, then he will be spent on charity.

The author of the crowdaming campaign plans to contact the billionaire through his Twitter and in case he agrees to deliver the couch, he will talk directly with Tesla. Users collect money not on a particular sofa, so before they buy, they will make a collective decision with the help of a survey. If it turns out, the author of the project will film the whole process.

In the event that Musk does not respond to the appeal within three days after the end of the fundraising, the collected money will be sent to charity.

Elon Musk has no problems with money: his fortune is estimated at $ 20 billion.

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